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Summer of Space

Dream big and explore the cosmos with three new out-of-this-world space exhibitions on display in Virginia’s vibrant capital.



Experience the cosmos without leaving Richmond! Thanks to all new space-themed touring exhibitions at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, the Science Museum of Virginia and the Children's Museum of Richmond, RVA has been transformed into a gateway to the galaxies, offering exciting tours of otherworldly wonders.

Virginia Museum of History & Culture

Virginia Museum of History & Culture
Apollo: When We Went to the Moon

Uncover the events that propelled humanity into space exploration! Be inspired by original artifacts from a thrilling time when humanity raced to discover what lay beyond Earth's atmosphere. Revel in the history-making Space Race between the U.S. and Soviet Union, and learn about modern-day collaboration on projects like the International Space Station and more, all through the eyes of the engineers and astronauts who took us to the Moon 50 years ago.  

Science Museum of Virginia

Science Museum of Virginia
Space: An Out-of-Gravity Experience

Discover the thrilling wonders of space exploration and learn about the incredible science that makes it possible. Climb aboard a life-size replica of an orbiting space station, get hands-on with exciting experiments and answer some of your burning questions like: How do astronauts sleep in a weightless environment? How do they eat? And how do they go to the bathroom? This immersive exhibition highlights the remarkable engineering feats required to survive off-world adventures. 

Children's Museum of Virginia

Children's Museum of Richmond
Moon to Mars

Explore the wonder and excitement of space travel with your little one! Learn about NASA's Artemis program through hands-on activities that will spark children's imaginations as they take part in a fun journey toward understanding humanity's future among the stars. NASA's revolutionary Artemis program will take humans back to the Moon and onward toward Mars. Discover more about this remarkable journey and the diverse team helping make this voyage possible. 


428 N Arthur Ashe Blvd.

Richmond, VA 23220

2500 W Broad St.

Richmond, VA 23220

2626 W Broad St.

Richmond, VA 23220

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